Pause for Breath…now onto 2013

January 1, 2013 at 20:59



Performance Management Chart

Following a very busy festive period, I’ve finally found the time to put a few thoughts down about my return to structured training over the last three months – the beginning of my journey to the 2013 Ironman UK, just 7 months to go until race day.

After entering IMUK in September, my original plan was to take it easy until Christmas, then go hard in the new year.  This went by the wayside once I engaged with Coach Cox in mid-October.  His (correct) approach was to forget taking it easy and get some miles in.

This has worked well, and as well as increasing my FTP from down near 200W to up nearer 300W, I’ve also lost over 3 stone since September 5th.  Much more importantly it has taught me the habit of consistent training, with Russell scheduling workouts 13 days out of every 14.

A rest day now feels very weird.

Completed Training figures recorded in Training Peaks are:

December training only:
Swim: 5 hr 30 min
Bike: 17 hr 17 min
Run: 6 hr 11 min

October to December training:
Swim: 14 hr 34 min
Bike: 43 hr 09 min
Run: 15 hr 42 min

I relaxed my eating over the last couple of weeks for the festive period, but carried on training right through, so I’ve not gained any weight (a sickness bug helped that), but the good thing is I’m ready to get right back on the healthy nutrition now.

I have another couple of stone at least to shift and I’ve got the incentive to keep on it as I’ve signed up for my first ever training camp for a week in February in Lanzarote and I want to make the most of it.

All in all, things are stacking up well for a healthy and successful 2013 where I take my triathlon to the next level.

So this seems like a good time in my plan to pause for breath…and then move full guns blazing into 2013!!

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