I've got the (Virtual) Power!!

Trainer Road User InterfaceTrainer Road User Interface

I've had a lot of messages on Facebook, Twitter and TriTalk about my use of Trainer Road software and Virtual Power, how to set it up, is it any good and does it do the job.  Hopefully this will answer all that and more!! One of the best tools a cyclist or triathlete can have is a power meter and as important, the knowledge of how to use it. As a middle to back of pack triathlete I'd always seen power as a nice-to-have, but not anything that would necessarily benefit me a lot.  However now I've got a coach setting my programme and analysing my sessions, power adds a whole new dimension to how you rate your form, how you motivate yourself in a session and importantly...

A Tale of Two Sickies

November 4, 2012 at 22:18



Looking rough!!Looking rough!!

In the last two weeks I've suffered from the bane of the winter age grouper - illness.  Probably worse than injury, where it is at least cut and dried that you can't train - when those sniffles and sore throat appear, its a "should I train? shouldn't I? Is this a head cold? Has it moved to my chest?"  The frustration of missing a planned session weighed against the sense you might do some serious damage to yourself. In winter this is obviously also balanced against the horrible weather outside which doesn't do a lot for someone with a bad cold. Well at the end of the week before last, just as I'd thought I'd survived the flu-like symptoms the rest of my family had s...

Week 2 down - bring on the Outlaw Half!

October 20, 2012 at 20:05



Fuelled by coffee!!Fuelled by coffee!!

Week 2 of training with Coach Cox almost complete - just a two hour bike session to go tomorrow.  I'm unsure whether that's going to be outside or on the Turbo - that's totally dependant on the weather. This week I have done: Monday - Rest Tuesday - 30 min Steady Run Wednesday - 1 hour Turbo session including a 20 min threshold test Thursday - 45 min swim set (100m reps) Friday - 30 min steady Run (in the pouring rain) Saturday - 40 min Endurance Swim (fast 200's) And there will be a 2 hour steady bike to finish tomorrow. It's all going really well, but during the 20 min threshold test, I got really bad cramp in my left calf.  The kids were asleep, so luc...

2013 - A new challenge, a new coach and a new athlete!!

October 13, 2012 at 11:41



Ironman UK Bolton!!Ironman UK Bolton!!

2012 was a tough year for me from a triathlon point of view, both because I was injured for a large portion of the spring and summer (which lead to lack of fitness and lot of weight gain) and other really positive areas of my life took priority for once. For 2013, the hunger is back again!!  Following a great family holiday in Cyprus in August, I had a paradigm shift in my thinking about eating and exercise after reading two books - The End of Overeating: Taking Control of Our Insatiable Appetite by Dr David Kessler and A Life Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington. After reading these, I had a moment of clarity regarding how I view food and exercise and so far, 6 we...