Quick Tips

The Top tips for getting round your Iron Distance Triathlon if you’re likely to be near the cut offs:

  1. Pace – know what pace you need to do to make the cut offs for each discipline and how you’re going to measure it
  2. Nutrition – Have a nutrition strategy you’ve practised on your long rides
  3. Stick to your plan – Trust your plan and that it will get you through.
  4. Test your equipment – Test all your equipment during your long rides. Reliability is key!!
  5. Know when the cut offs are – there may be subtle variations across races.  For example in the Outlaw you have to be out of T1 by 2hrs 15m, whereas in Ironman, you have to be out of the water by 2h 20m.
  6. Know the magic numbers – 2hr swim, 14 mph ride and 7 hour marathon will get you round in 17 hours.
  7. Don’t waste time in Transition – The natural instinct is to sit and recover in transition.  Five minutes in transition is very important when you’re approaching
  8. Leave your bike in the small ring in T1 – you should spend the first few miles calming down from the swim and should not be powering off in your biggest gear. To aid this, make sure you leave your bike in an easy gear.
  9. Save 10 seconds per mile over 140 miles rather than 5 mins per mile in the last 3 miles – time savings get harder the further into the race you go.  It is better to get a gradual saving throughout the race rather than sprint the last mile to make 17hrs.
  10. Know the course – You should know the course route, know the terrain, where feed stations are,
  11. Know your Run/Walk strategy – If you’re finishing towards the end of the field, you will walk for some or even most of the race.  Work out a strategy before the race to
  12. Practice Power Walking – A good power walk will be faster than the “Ironman shuffle” which although resembling a run is a lot more inefficient, energy consuming and can be slower than a power walk.  But it’s no good unless you’ve practised power walking in training.
  13. Break everything down into little chunks – during the race, if you’re
  14. Enjoy yourself!! – This could be the best thing you ever do!! You will hurt, maybe more than you ever have before, but you’ll feel so alive!!  Take a few deep breaths every so often through the race and take in what an immense thing it is you’re doing…

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